34th Annual IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference

Doctoral Symposium

(co-located with SAINT 2011 STUDENT SESSION)

The Doctoral Symposium at COMPSAC will provide an international forum for doctoral students to interact with other students and faculty mentors.

The Doctoral Symposium seeks to bring together PhD students working in computer software and applications and related fields. Selected students will have the opportunity to present and discuss their research goals, methodology, and preliminary results within a constructive and international atmosphere. Participants will obtain useful guidance for completion of their dissertation research and initiation of a research career.

The Symposium organizers will strive to provide useful guidance for completion of the dissertation research and motivation for a research career. The Symposium is intended for students who have already settled on a specific research topic and have produced limited preliminary results, but have enough time remaining before their final defense to benefit from Symposium discussions. Due to the mentoring aspect of the event, the moderated part of the Symposium will be open only to students and mentors participating directly in the event.

In coordination with the technical theme of COMPSAC 2011, topics pertaining to digital society building and beyond will be of particular interest, but the symposium is not limited to this topic.

All accepted papers will be published in the electronic proceedings by IEEE Computer Society.

Paper Submission

Students wishing to participate in the Doctoral Symposium must submit papers. Papers should be submitted either to COMPSAC following the instructions given here, or to SAINT following instructions on the SAINT 2011 STUDENT SESSION site, but not to both. (Submitters should select the submission site based on the relevance of the conference's topics to their research.)

Submissions should include only the student as a single author, clearly list the most relevant track right under the title in the form "TRACK: <name of track>", and must be supported by a letter of recommendation from the advisor which should include the advisor's and the student's names, a candid assessment of the current status of the student's dissertation research, and an expected date for dissertation completion. The letter should be in PDF and e-mailed to tauritzd at mst.edu with the subject: COMPSAC 2011 DOCTORAL SYMPOSIUM RECOMMENDATION

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance of potential contribution to the field, technical merit, presentation quality, and adherence to abstract submission guidelines.

Students should consider participating in the Doctoral Symposium at least one year before completion of their dissertation, but after having chosen a topic and begun to work on it.

Students wishing to participate in the Symposium must submit an extended abstract that describes their dissertation research.

Each abstract should:

• Clearly formulate the research topic
• Outline the significant problems in the field and current solutions
• Present the preliminary idea, the proposed approach, the evaluation plan, and results achieved to date
• Explicitly point out the contributions of the proposed work

Submissions that fail to address these issues, or present them in a poorly organized way, are not likely to be accepted.

Detailed instructions for paper submission will be available at http://www.compsac.org. The length of the submission and camera-ready versions of the abstract is limited to 4 pages (IEEE Proceedings style) printed in 10-12 point font. Please follow IEEE Computer Society Press Proceedings Author Guidelines to prepare your abstract.

Doctoral symposium authors are eligible to register under the student registration fee, and the author of each accepted abstract is required to do so. Each accepted doctoral abstract paper must be presented in person, by the author, both in the form of a poster in front of a panel of judges and in a five-minute lightening talk during lunch.

All invited participants will be asked to provide a poster describing their research, which will be displayed throughout the conference.

Please address all queries and questions to the Doctoral Symposium Chair (tauritzd at mst.edu).

Important Dates

April 18, 2011 : Deadline for submission
May 9May 14, 2011 : Deadline for camera-ready copy and author registration

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