34th Annual IEEE Computer Software and Applications Conference



CFSE 2012: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Computer Forensics in Software Engineering CORCS 2012: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Component-Based Design of Resource-Constrained Systems ESAS 2012: The 7th IEEE International Workshop on Engineering Semantic Agent Systems IEESD 2012: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Industrial Experience in Embedded Systems Design IWSC 2012: The 9th IEEE International Workshop on Software Cybernetics METHOD 2012: The 1st IEEE International Workshop on Methods for Establishing Trust with Open Data MidArch 2012: The 6th IEEE International Workshop on Middleware Architecture in the Internet MVDA 2012: The 1st IEEE International Workshop on Modeling and Verifying Distributed Applications QUORS 2012: The 6th IEEE International Workshop on Quality Oriented Reuse of Software REFS 2012: The 6th IEEE International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Services SAPSE 2012: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Security Aspects in Processes and Services Engineering SSS 2012: The 5th IEEE International Workshop on Service Science and Systems STA 2012: The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Software Test Automation STPSA 2012: The 7th IEEE International Workshop on Security,Trust, and Privacy for Software Applications TIP 2012: The 1st IEEE International Workshop on Tools in Embedded Systems Design Process


Workshop Proposal Submission

Workshop themes should be (closely) related to the COMPSAC conference theme.
Each workshop proposal should clearly indicate its strength and usefulness and how it complements COMPSAC's conference theme: "Trustworthy Software Systems for the Digital Society". A COMPSAC workshop can be seen as complementary to the COMPSAC main conference, or providing better insight into the COMPSAC topics.

Workshop proposals shall include the following items:
  •  Workshop's title
  •  Workshop's organizer(s)' name, affiliation, and contact address.
  •  Workshop's goal, theme, and topics of interest / workshop scope.
  •  Workshop's PC (Program Committee) members: name and affiliation.
  •  Prospective invited speakers (optional)
  •  Expected number of workshop sessions
  •  Information on the previously organized Workshops (if any).

Please follow the example-proposal to create your own proposal, and send it to the COMPSAC 2012 workshop chairs no later than December 8th, 2011.

Workshop Ads and Paper Reviewing Process

Every submitted workshop paper will be reviewed by 3 reviewers assigned by the respective workshop chairs from the workshop's PC. The organizers of the accepted workshops are responsible for promoting and advertising their workshops, on lists, with proper reference to COMPSAC 2012.

Workshop Organizers Responsibility

Workshop organizers should organize their workshop under the chairmanship of COMPSAC workshop chairs. The responsibility of the workshop organizers is mainly to ensure that the accepted papers are of high quality, and to strive for an acceptance ratio of less than 70%.

We encourage workshop organizers to propose a workshop invited speaker also, to increase the workshop's appeal.

Handling of COMPSAC Workshop Papers

COMPSAC 2012 uses a web-based paper review system. Workshops will also have to use the same system for paper review. The COMPSAC workshop chairs will create a dedicated workshop review system, having the workshop organizers and respective PC members, as the review system's members.

Workshop papers are to be processed as follows:
  •  Workshop author(s) will submit papers to the corresponding workshop.
  •  Workshop organizers will inform COMPSAC Workshop Chairs with a list of submitted papers (i.e., paper title and author(s) name and e-mail).
  •  Workshop organizers will start the paper reviewing process by assigning papers to the respective PC. At least three reviewers should be assigned  to each submitted paper.
  •  Workshop organizers will provide a list of accepted and rejected papers  (i.e., paper title, author(s) name and e-mail, and a small justification  of why the paper has been accepted / rejected) to the COMPSAC workshop chairs. IEEE CS (Computer Society) Press will send the Author's Kit to authors, accordingly.
  •  Workshop authors will send their camera-ready papers to IEEE CS Press.
  •  Workshop organizers will send a WORKSHOP Program (i.e., timetable, session name, session chair, paper title and author(s) names) to COMPSAC workshop Chairs.

Important Dates

 December 8, 2011: Workshop proposals deadline
 December 25, 2011:
Workshop proposal notification
 April 08, 2012:
Workshop paper submission deadline
 May 09, 2012:
Workshop paper notification
 May 18, 2012:
Camera-ready copy and registration

Contact Information: Workshops Chairs

Cristina Seceleanu

Malardalen University, Sweden
Email: cristina.seceleanu at mdh.se

Qianxiang Wang
Peking University, China
Email: wqx at pku.edu.cn



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